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Today  I've created a new post for learning English in my blog. I have one problem for now, I am ashamed of wrongly speaking . Lately I'm trying to watch movies in English, read books and newspapers. If you find a mistake then please correct them.

Today's topic is love!!!  Friends! Let's talk about love. I have translated below from Russian into English using a dictionary.

Contrary to popular belief, love - this is not the result of fate or luck, we create it ... and every one of us has the ability to create one. Each of us has the ability to love and be loved, each of us has the ability to create relationships, in which the most important - love. No matter how we live now - in solitude, or trapped in unhappy, exhausted relations - life can change, and that we are able to change it

Trust your life. Wherever you ignored the fate of the travel is necessary. You have to cross the field of life experience and self check, what is the truth and what is false. And then you can return to their inner center - the heart, purified and become by wiser

Anyone who love to really any one person, loves the whole world.

Love must be nurtured, and not eat it

When you want to take an important decision, act the heart, not head, the heart is wiser

Love does not lie on the road like a stone, it must create, like grain, it must be all the time to create a new and recreate

If you are trying to solve some problem, do it with love. You will understand that the cause of your problem in the lack of love, for this is the cause of all problems.

The love that every day is not being reborn, dying every day .

Two people who have chosen each other among all the other people in order to offer each other love and support, must exercise a sense of humor, affability, reasonableness, ability to forgive, patience, and kindness should be aware of how fragile and insecure life of human beings, and respect each other until the end of his days.

Only the love of justice, which seeks to beauty, without causing injuries

Joy and happiness - are children of love, but love itself as a force - is patience and compassion.

New words

Contrary нөгөө талаара, эсрэгээрээ fragile хэврэг, эмзэг
necessary зайлшгүй хэрэгтэй зүйл, хамгийн чухал зүйл reborn цэцэглэх, дахин төрөх
nurtured хүмүүжүүлэх  хөгжүүлэх
injuries шархлах, шархдах, шархлуулах
ability боломж, чадвар recreate шинэчлэх, засах
purified ариутгагдах create бүтээх
decision шийдвэр kindness сайхан сэтгэл, нинжин сэтгэл
exhausted дууссан, дуусгасан seeks тэмүүлэх, хичээх, зүтгэх, хайх
patience тэсвэр хатуужил cause
шалтаг, шалтгаан
truth үнэн зөв respect анхаарал, хүндэтгэл
affability эелдэг зан, ааш, нийцэрхүү зан insecure
итгэлгүй, найдваргүй

Leave your comments in English, please!!! for my practice. Thank you for help.

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~Freedom writer~

Good luck 4 ur study sis....I think u should watch more movies in Englsih specially have subtitle. Before my English was good now...ooow super bad. Maybe i have to more read ur English blog kkk

Selenge (зочин)

Hey, Whoever studies a new language faces the fact that a person can not use it correctly. It is the only way to improve your English. There is nothing ashamed and embarrassed. Times goes by, you will see the difference. Good luck with that.


Good luck

XaPXyH (зочин)

G morning

Well written.

By the way you have chosen the baest way improve your english skill.

we can translate from english to mongolian weakly but to english is SOMETHING!




Кэкэ, 2day I've created гэсэн дээр санагдлаа.


i like to love kkkkk
oh sorry i like to read a lovestory


Уучлаарай монгол хадмал орчуулагатайгаа оруулж болохгүй юу?


Freedom, Selenge: thanks for support :)
Guest: Thank you
Khar-Khun: Thanks
I graduated from a Russian school. English taught in 4-th grade, but unfortunately after the end of the school almost did not use the English language.
Now I want to start all over again :)
Antidote: Thank you, now corrected.
Bataa: I also like to read love stories.
Guest:Sorry, next time I will publish with translations.

yagtiimee (зочин)

I think you should concentrate on a very common difficulty facing the learner of English, the correct use of the articles 'the' and 'a' /Definite and Indefinite Articles/.

Selenge (зочин)

Hey, Yagtiimee, I think your the one should concentrate on articles.

XaPXyH (зочин)

khar khun xa xa very funny! kkk

XaPXyH (зочин)

why can't we create english club kkk

Pearle Deppsu (зочин)

Oh great, write a blog in english is good.

Have you watch Love Actually the movie? That's all about love. And what you wrote is like that movie's idea. When I disappointed I watch that movie. Then get streght and happy :D


Yagtiimee: Thanks for comment. Yes,I have a problem with grammar.I will concentrate on grammar
black swan:why not
Pearle Deppsu: Thank u :), Yes, I watched the movie Love Actually.


I like your blog Sunshine

T (зочин)

Good start sunshine!

Learning a foriegn language is not easy and it takes a lot of courage, time, and effort. But at the same time it's fun and worth of doing especially English these days.

I hope you don't mind if I give you a piece of advice. I find it very useful writing a comment about the book or article or anything that is written in English using your own word. In this way you get to improve both your reading and writing skills.

Anyways, good luck and keep up doing a good work!


Guest: Thank u
T (guest): thanks for the advice, i see that you good in english.

Равжир (зочин)

Wow! Great job.
How long did it take you to do the translation?

Maybe, I should have read the first set in Russian before giving you some advice.
However, you should be careful about planning sentence structure, verb tenses, phrases, and even smaller problems such as pronoun, articles, and so on.

In order to be a good English grammar user:
- Be aware of /think about/ grammar.
- Read a lot of English books and listen to English ASAP/as soon as possible/.
- Concentrate on the aspects of grammar you personally find most difficult.

Good luck.


Ravjir: Thank you for your visit in my blog and for advice. Your name is same like my brothers name.

бүжин (зочин)

сайнуу.би хувцасны дизайны ангийн оюутан л даа. дипломын ажлаа ямар сэдвээр хийх яаж хийх талаар зөвөлгөө авах гэсэн юм.туслаач.

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